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J.J. 03-03-04 12:43 PM

Help !!!
I started to use Linux, so please don´t be angry about my "stupid" questions. :-)

I have some problems with my GForce Ti200 3D-Setup. I think my Suse 9.0 requires the new driver, but I don´t know which I need. There are a lot of different drivers :

Graphics Drivers

Linux IA32
Latest Version: 1.0-5336

Linux IA64
Latest Version: 1.0-5336

Linux AMD64
Latest Version: 1.0-5332

Free BSD
Latest Version: 1.0-4365

nForce Drivers

Linux IA32 Drivers
Latest Version: 1.0-0261

Linux AMD64 Drivers
Latest Version: 1.0-0269

Could anyone help me plz.



Talornin 03-03-04 02:38 PM

Latest Version: 1.0-5336

You would want to grab that one. Anything with 64 in the name or description is for 64bits cpu's (of course get one of those if you have such a cpu) and FreeBSD is a different OS.

sirpip 03-04-04 01:22 AM

I've been running RedHat 9.0 linux and haven't had any problems with that driver. Perhaps you should switch to that?

J.J. 03-04-04 07:48 AM

Thanks for your replies, it is working now. :-)

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