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a.i 03-04-04 02:39 AM

Which driver do I need?
I have an AMD K6-II CPU. Which driver should I try: IA32, IA64, AMD64?

newbie :confused:

Talornin 03-04-04 06:14 AM

IA32 as it is for 32 bits cpu's. If you had a 64 bits cpu you would get one of the others.

Lynx3d 03-04-04 01:33 PM

IA32 is "regular" x86 (from 386 up to Athlon XP and Pentium 4)
IA64 is what Intel's Itanium uses ("EPIC")
AMD64 is "x86-64", AMDs extension to IA32 the Athlon 64 and Opterons are using

I wonder when "IA32e" software pops up as there actually seem to be some slight differences between intel's and AMDs 64bit extension to the x86 ISA...but i don't know if that will actually require different drivers i
or something...

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