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bucketmouse 03-04-04 10:08 AM

If you've got a laptop with a Go card and have flicker problems, here's the solution
I keep seeing people mention this, so i thought it could use a topic.

The flicker is a hardware cursor problem. You can fix it by putting

"HWCursor" = "0"
"SWCursor" = "1"

in the devices section of XF86Config.

SparrowHawk 03-04-04 10:25 PM

At least for me, this doesn't help (and the cursor looks funky when its over a 3d app). I've seen several people with Go cards complain about this problem on their laptops.

I have an Alienware 51m w/ GeForce FX Go 5600. Mobo is a MSiS648FX + SiS963L AGP8X. I'm using RH9. I've tried smp and up kernels, both old and latest. My desktop is 1600x1200, 24 bit color, 60Hz.

I believe my driver installation is OK. OpenGL apps run and at speeds one would expect w/ acceleration working.

see this thead for a good description of what I'm experiencing. I have no trouble in windows, or with the vesa or nv driver (just no hw rendering).


stefan42 03-05-04 09:57 AM

For my Toshiba P20 (Fx 5200 Go) this solution works (almost) fine. It removes the flickering, but causes heavy artefacts with the menus of Wings3D (A 3D modeler). I haven't noticed any problems caused by those settings with other applications so far.

xtremespectrum 03-05-04 02:03 PM

not fixed by "cursor" options
If you have this problem and this "cursor" option solves your problem, would you please describe the initial problem in more detail here? I'd like the NVidia Linux team to have more distinctive characteristics for the unsolved problem.

I am also having *a* flickering issue, not fixed by this "cursor" option. I've also noticed that when my screen flickers, it crashes the Xine player's overlay area, and I get just a blue window. Restarting X does not fix this, only a reboot. I have an alienware area 51-m laptop. My two cents are for an SIS-chipset/NVIDIA-driver-AGP issue, since this same laptop with an ATI card in it had so many AGP issues. The NVidia driver says it doesn't support this AGP chipset when it boots, and this could expain why the "cursor" option doesn't fix Alienware laptops. I haven't searched the threads for other SIS laptops.

Since the title of this thread is inaccurate for my issue, I'm relocating my involvement in this thread. I'm moving to:

Thread 25366: 2/26/04

...because the thread SparrowHawk referenced above is inactive.
Thread 24737: 2/10/04

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