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megaspade 03-05-04 04:04 PM

nOOb seeks install help
hi, iam running redhat 8.0 and trying to install the driver for my Gforce 4 MX

But it seems too have a problem, locating the kernel source something?!

ive recently updated the kernel too 2.4.20-28.8 with an RPM package
ive also tried installing the source rpm and still no luck....
any able to help? heh

daclink 03-05-04 04:11 PM


I'm not a redhat user, so i may be wrong, but you probably need the kernels corresponding development rpm.

It is probably named something like 2.4.20-28.8-devel.rpm (i may be wrong)

This should have all the required header files for the installer to compile the driver.

Hope this helps


megaspade 03-05-04 04:33 PM

hmm ok....

this rpm will install the correct files too /usr/src

where it seems too want the files too be installed??

megaspade 03-05-04 05:22 PM

ok.... get the correct source kernel installed now but getting a new error LOL

ERROR Unable to determine the NVIDIA kernel module filename

ake: *** [select_makefile] Error 1

now how do i fix this problem?

LordMorgul 03-05-04 11:16 PM

Some hints
You should have installed a file named: kernel-source-2.4.20-28.8.i386.src.rpm
This has the correct sources for your current kernel, please verify you are using the kernel you think you're using: uname -r

You can avoid the hassle of the compilation if you go get an RPM for the driver, which you can find here: http://atrpms.physik.fu-berlin.de/di...idia-graphics/

The kernel driver name problem may be fixed by cleaning out the kernel source and setting it back to a good known condition. As root run these commands:
cd /usr/src/linux-2.4.20-28.8
mv .config config
make clean
make mrproper
mv config .config

This should clean things up, then try the driver build again.

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