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bond2003fed 03-06-04 12:10 AM

nVidia GE Force FX 5200 in Fedora
Will this work, I have on source saying that it will, but I would like to make sure before I upgarde. Thanks for the help.:)

LordMorgul 03-06-04 12:17 AM

I have used the Chaintech FX71u on Fedora with great success. That card is an FX5600 ultra chipset. There are lots of varieties in cards that have the FX 5200 chipset, so if you want clear confirmation you need to specify what motherboard you have, and what card (manufacturer / model) you plan to buy.

However, it *should* work.

bond2003fed 03-06-04 09:42 AM

thanks, all I know about my chipset is that it is made by Intel, HP doesnt list any motherboard specs for the d330 uT..... I tried to upgrade to Mandrake 9.2, install works fine. I try to boot up in graphical mode and the screen goes blank, it is as if the video card cut out and Linux is still running. My monitor is a SVA 15 in Flat Panel, max res is 1024x768.

Sorry this might be a noob question

oudent 03-06-04 01:06 PM

It works great. I'm using an MSI geForce fx5200 VTD 128 with the NVIDIA driver, as MSI's driver doesn't like my computer, but I haven't had a single problem with Fedora...I haven't tried connecting anything through my VIVO connector yet though, so I don't know about TV video, it supposedly works, but I don't know how well. Anyone considering a GeForce fx5200 video card, this MSI card is great, you get Vivo, dvi, vga connections, it looks cool with a big copper heatsink and fan, and it comes with a bunch of software...though Ghost recon is probably the only one I'll use. Just make sure to use the NVIDIA driver when using windows, though if you can get the MSI driver working it gives some good Overclocking control. I got that working by installing the MSI driver, going to safe mode, and installing the NVIDIA driver, and then it worked great and I got all the MSI extras.

NVIDIA was my choice due to its Linux support, and they haven't let me down.

bond2003fed 03-06-04 02:59 PM

Thanks.I wanted to make sure and everyone has confirmed it... I am using the PNY Verto GeForce FX 5200 8x AGP 128mb works great. Thanks

Do you happen to know if my old intergrated graphics would screw it up?

oudent 03-06-04 09:57 PM

As far as I know it usually doesn't. If you have an AGP slot the board is designed to work with it. You may have to turn the integrated video off in the BIOS, but if you can't find such an option then the motherboard does it automatically, and therefore shouldn't cause problems.

Also, for anyone else interested in this topic, some stores will tell you certain 8x AGP cards will not work in 4x slots...this is generally not true, but with the MSI card I have, the MSI driver was unable to deal with working in a 4x AGP slot, though it said it could. If that becomes a problem, go with the NVIDIA driver, it is usually more up-to-date anyways.

I'm going to test the video out feature right now, so I will report on its functionality in Linux...its absolutely amazing in Windows!
Follow Up: Works just as well in Linux, at least when the video out is the only monitor connected. NVIDIA did a good job it seems. A nice Display Configuration utility that could remember setting would be nice though as you can't make out text at high resolutions, like those typically used for monitors, and it means you have to change it manually everytime if you have a setup like me.

bond2003fed 03-07-04 10:02 AM

My Mother Board supports AGP 8x and I just got done installing, I am writing this message on Fedora. Thanks for testing it great forum!!

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