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serialdave 03-06-04 07:20 PM

Any one try Knoppix
I have tried a few live cd's from mandrake and others but gave knoppix a try Thursday and it just rocks.

Booted up on an nforce 2 chipset board with nic and sound working. bvideo was fine but no hardware support.

browsing the internet was as easy as setting the proxy on the netowrk at owrk and out it went. managed to veiw shares on the domain -winders 200 active directory.

lots of apps and everything ran great even though it was off a cd.

threw it in several machines from a 333 64 meg isa niced system P3 dell box and several nforce 2 systems.

djlightning 03-16-04 11:41 PM

I never leave home with out one!!!!!!
It's a great little distro, I mainly use it for to recover files off of crashed NTFS drives.
Then there are times when BASH can only get the job done.
Good to play joke on someone too, yea you know the ones.
I could go on but I think I'll save the rest for my book......"101 Uses for Knoppix"

LordMorgul 03-22-04 05:28 PM

Re: Any one try Knoppix
I highly recommend any serious linux user to keep several live cds around. They are invaluable for recovery, promotion to friends, and saving yourself some pain when sitting in front of a nixless box.. the horror.

Two that go with me everywhere: Knoppix STD and Phlak

serialdave 03-22-04 07:09 PM

Re: Any one try Knoppix
Just tried Knoppix for the first time just a short time agoa and it save my ass today.

Had a mail server running on nt4 go down. Could not boot tried memmory and other parts with no luck.

I ghosted the hard drive and tried to recover from the nt cd with no luck. Tried booting the drive as secoundary in an xp system and the XP ssytem wouldn't even boot. Things were looking bad. Booted off the knoppix slueth - I think - cd and got onto the domain copied all of the email servers configuration and user database files off the ntfs partician onto a network share.

Set up a new server copied over the files I had copied from the knoppix session and did an upgrade of the software and went home an hour later........................long day though but atleast it ended.

oldsk00l 03-22-04 07:42 PM

Re: Any one try Knoppix
knoppix = the shiznit

Best bootable recovery suite I have ever used in my life.

Saved my rear too, my situation was that of a reiserfs filesystem crashing, unbootable system, however knoppix includes reiserfs tools, and also partition repair tools that would make the folks at powerquest (I think symantec now....) cream in their pants.

serialdave 03-22-04 08:07 PM

Re: Any one try Knoppix
I was so happy just to get my data files back I didn't even look at all of the software installed on the cd. I might jjust have to spend a day or too looking at the 3 version I have downloaded.

tuxfriend 04-04-04 03:14 PM

Re: Any one try Knoppix
here is a list of Linux Live Cds:
I agree,Klaus Knopper,the guy behind knoppix is doing a great job:-)

lionSOB 04-11-04 12:33 PM

Re: Any one try Knoppix
Knoppix Linux Ver.3.3 2004-2-16 was my first experence with Linux and I liked it well enough to install it on my hard drive and use it most of the time since then.

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