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saxa 03-07-04 03:55 PM

5336 Driver on Linux 2.6.3 on Sony Vaio Laptop
Hi to all,

I have tried the kernel 2.6.3 on my Sony Vaio Laptop today and installed the
last 1.0-5336 NVIDIA driver. I saw that after some time of running, the whole
screen blinked once like a flash and then it was back normal. It happened 2 or 3
times in the period of 20min of running the new kernel.
Does that happened to anybody else ?


SparrowHawk 03-07-04 10:40 PM

Sounds kind of like this same problem I've been having. Most people who I've seen report it have a laptop. Here are three threads that have mentioned something similar. Some seem to report that adding

Option "HWCursor" "0"
Option "SWCursor" "1"

helps them, but it didn't work for me or some others. I think its a sperate issue altogether, but you might as well give it a shot. At least if we can start putting together some cases we can get this issue resolved.




saxa 03-08-04 02:22 AM

Ok, many thanks, I will try to experiment a little with that when I have time.
By the way is there a way of compile the modules for nvidia for both kernels 24 & 26 ?
I mean it is borring to reinstall the nvidia driver each time you boot into a 2.6 kernel
if you use by default the 2.4 ?


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