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salemvam 03-07-04 05:02 PM

Problem with Geeforce 4MX 440 and Mandrake
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Here is my problem
Past year I bought some components and builded the PC now I'm using. Since that day I had discovered day by day new things to enjoy my Linux experience but something happens with Mandrake and nVidia drivers.
Since I got my new PC running, I have tried some Linux distros like MEPIS (Debian based), Red Hat, Mandrake... I could use nVidia drivers with all them... but Mandrake. It's always the same problem (with whathever version of Mandrake):

I install the nVidia driver, I edit the "XFConfig-4" file, I start X server by typing "init 3" and I can see the nVidia logo and the KDM asking for my username and password. Once I type them and push enter the KDE loads without problem but a few seconds after the splashscreen dissapear, the PC hangs without remedy. The keyboard and mouse doesn't respond anymore and I must do a RESET to restart the computer. Sometimes the start sound of KDE sounds in a ring (once and once again till I do the dirty restart).
Here goes the description of my PC:

- Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 4 MX 440 (64Mb)
- Driver version: Whatever I try: the latest try was 5336
- Distro: Mandrake 9.1
- Video BIOS ver.: The info contained in "/proc/driver/nvidia/cards/0" (bold issues)
- Model: GeForce4 MX 440
- IRQ: 5
- VideoBios: 04.17.8e.61.00
- Cartype: AGP
- Processor: Genuine Intel Pentium IV 2533Mhz
- Mainboard: P4VXASD2+
The "XFree86.0.log" and "XFConfig-4" files are zipped and attached to this message.
Thanks for your support and for read this.

Flokater 03-09-04 03:25 PM


I got a similar Problem, but a bit different. In single Monitor use, all was working fine. In TwinView Mode, X crashed after a few Seconds. Most of the Time i can move the Mouse, but cant do anything else (CTRL+ALT+F1). So i have to hard reset the Computer.
I changed my XF86Config-4 in Section [Device] :
Option "NvAGP" "0"

After this change, everything works fine.
So im sure, it was a problem with the AGP.

So please put also your Bios Informations for AGP
like "Allocate IRQ to PCI-VGA" in this Thread.

Its not Mandrakes Fault if its not running on your System.
I use the NVIDIA Driver since Mandrake 9.1, and it always worked.

Best regards

p.s.: Im using Mandrake 9.2

salemvam 03-11-04 10:53 AM

Hi everybody, here goes my BIOS information related with AGP I could find through it sections:

---> Advanced Setup
|-> AGP mode: x1 (*)
|-> AGP Comp. Driving: Auto
|-> AGP Aperture size: 64Mb
---> PCI / Plug and Play Setup
|-> Allocate IRQ to PCI VGA: Yes

(*) = I modificated this parameter several times to probe them all with Mandrake. All the possibilities are x1, x2 and x4... and no one works with MDK.
My system BIOS is AMIBIOS (American Megatrends)
I hope this ease the way to solve my problem. Thanks.

salemvam 04-22-04 02:49 PM

Re: Problem with Geeforce 4MX 440 and Mandrake
Hello Guys:
================================================== ============
No option added ("NvAGP" "2", "0"... ) worked for me... I think I have Gremlins in my PC. After all before the installation of a recently downloaded version of Mandrake 10.0. The same problem of always: my screen freezes and I only can move the cursor a few seconds after KDE or GNOME starts... sometimes freezes before the session is completely loaded. I only can see a "beautiful" screenshot of my desktop (and sometimes the sound in a ring at the background) and the only thing to do is a dirty restart.
================================================== ============
I don't know what's the problem: with Windows (98se or XP for example) my nVidia works fine. With Mepis (Debian) or Red Hat works too... but with MDK is a nightmare installing the nVidia drivers because after uninstalling them with the correct command line program, OpenGL doesn't work at all and I must reinstall Mandrake again if I want play again with Frozen Bubble for example.
================================================== ============
I read that the Commercial version of Mandrake 10.0 does support nVidia drivers and the Downloadable version (this is what I'm using now) doesn't... is this true?
================================================== ============
Salutations from Tenerife, and thanks for your time reading this.

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