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keithkc81 03-07-04 06:03 PM

Nvidia-kernel causes X to lock up
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I've been trying to get the nvidia kernel to work for 3 days. I have been browsing the boards for help.

Problem: When I run startx the cursor appears and then after a few seconds I can move the cursor, but when I try to do something such as bring up the twm menu X crashes. I am unable to kill C with crtl-alt-backspace or do anthing else at all for that matter.

System specs:
Video card: geforce 4 ti 4200 128M agp
Driver version: 1.0-5336 IA32
Linux Distro: Gentoo 1.4
kernel 2.6.3
Card bios version:
Processor: Duron 1.0 Ghz
Mother Board ASUS AT266

Files in Logs.log

I couldn't figure out how to upload multiple files to the board so had to put them all in one file

SuLinUX 03-07-04 08:03 PM

You may want to try THESES drivers, I had a the same issue sometime back and they fixed it.

keithkc81 03-07-04 09:04 PM

Well I tried 5328 and it didn't seem to help. Do have any suggestions for the version to try. That makes the 3rd version I tried. I have used 4996, 5336 and 5328. they all do the same thing.

SuLinUX 03-07-04 09:26 PM

Try removing the line

Load "dri"
from your XF86Config file

keithkc81 03-09-04 01:45 PM

Well The problem is sortof fixed. I turned out to be a problem with the agp drivers I guess. I turned down the card to use 1x and it worked. I'm going to try the Nvagp instead of agparp eventually. Thanks for the help.

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