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b5fan 10-06-02 05:23 AM

Post working out problem with 40.xx trying to work problem out, ONLY system specs
Ok can u please leave system specs and drivers version's what u using here so we can workout where problem could be as some running ok and some not with certain systems.
I start post off with mine and how to do it

Control panel not working with 40.52 + drivers

ECS K7S5A - SIS AGP 1.10 drivers
256MB DDR PC2100
Athlon xp 1700 - Not overclocked
Hercules Fortimissmo 2 sound card - 2.03 drivers
Asuscom ISDN PCI card - 3.33 drivers

Exair Geforce 2 pro 64mb - 30.82 drivers ( Not overclocked)

Winxp pro , sp1 installed

Something simular to this then we can compare whos having problems and whos not
Thank you for all that help.

batterbrain101 10-06-02 06:52 AM

My specs, no problems.

Evolution 10-06-02 07:29 AM

Done a clean install nothing but the 40.72 drivers and still get same dll problem. Tried with and without SP1. Only had problem since 40.71.

System Spec:

Abit Kr7a-133 Raid
2x 256mb DDR PC2100
Athlon xp 1700
Sound Blaster Audigy
Sparkle Geforce 3 ti500
WinXP Pro + SP1
2x 60 Maxtor 133 HD
1x 80 Maxtor 133 HD
Plextor 24A/10/40A
Kenwood 72x
Netgear FA310TX nic

netviper13 10-06-02 06:36 PM

SiS 1.10 AGP Drivers
AMD AthlonXP 1800+
2x256mb Crucial PC2100 DDR RAM
Western Digital 120gb Special Edition HDD
Hercules Game TheaterXP 6.1
PNY Verto GF3 Ti200
Win2k + SP3
Generic DVD drive
400watt PSU

Works perfectly (no control panel probs or anything) with 40.72 drivers.

thcdru2k 10-06-02 06:45 PM

same, no problem

thcdru2k 10-06-02 06:55 PM

other systems working perfectly:

system #2 spec:

amd tbird 1.05ghz (140mhz fsb)
iwill kk266a plus
128mb pc133 2-2-2
geforce 2 gts (200/380)
sb awe 64
maxtor 20gb hd
hitachi 8x dvd

system #3 spec:

intel pentium 3 600mhz (100mhz fsb)
asus p3v4x
128mb pc133 2-2-2
leadtek geforce 2 gts (200/365)
sblive mp3+
wd 13gb hd
toshiba 32x cdrom

saturnotaku 10-06-02 09:35 PM

Both my systems are linked in my sig - no major issues to speak of with the 40.72's on my desktop and hacked 40.71 drivers on my latop.

Vigilante 10-08-02 08:35 AM

No problems with the 40.71's will upgrade to 40.72's tonight and repost.

batterbrain101 10-09-02 07:20 PM

What is different.
Hey evolution, One thing I noticed is we all have different sound solutions. You have an Audigy, I'm not saying that's the problem, its just that there has been alot of people having problems with the Audigy conflicting with other devices etc. It might be worth checking out if you haven't solved it already.

jnd3 10-10-02 08:45 AM

All is working quite well on my ancient machine...control panel is there, coolbits works, RefreshForce works, RivaTuner's happy, games run fine. Performance has pretty much leveled off after the 29.42's (although I did get a small boost when going from Win98SE to Win2000).

Windows 2000 SP3, DirectX 8.1b, 40.72 detonators

AMD Tbird 700 on an Abit KT7
256 MB PC133 CAS2
Sound Blaster Live Value (latest drivers)
Creative Labs GF2 GTS (210/350)
Maxtor 15GB (Windows)
Western Digital 10GB (Mandrake 9.0)


b5fan 10-19-02 08:44 AM

Just upgraded to a Hercules prophet 3 ti 200 64mb DDR :)
Love the colour of the PCB matches my soundcard now too :)

Ok still same still get the error msg on the 40.72 drivers when installed :(

So with looks of it , it seems like a geforce 2 and geforce 3 ti 200 problem with certain setups.

Im surprised not many put there specs up :(
come on guys im trying to help myself and a few more thats having problems.

Evolution 10-19-02 09:17 AM

Just change my GC to a geforce4 ti4200 and now the control panel works

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