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harshy 03-10-04 02:37 AM

Odd glx performance
Good day nvidia fans

I have come across and odd annoyance. When I decided to move the old t-bird 1.4 to a 2500+ barton, I first had been using the MSI k7n2-delta without issue on the 2.6.3 kernel. I decided to instead use the Asus a7n8x-e deluxe. Again, everything seems well under kernel 2.6.3.

There is one thing that I did come to notice, however, after almost a week with the new board. Games tend to have a hickup. In FPS terms, the total fps seemed to have dropped 10 - 15 in quake3. 130fps with the k7n2 and 120 to 115fps on the asus. The trouble is a slight pause that is only a millisecond or so, but is just enough to drop that many frames.

Current config is as follows:
GF4 Ti4200 w/ agp 8x und 128mb DDR
Asus a7n8x-e deluxe
AMD Barton 2500+
Corsair 512mb pc3200 (cmx512-3200c2)
Linux Debian (unstable/Sid)
Kernel 2.6.3 (custom) with the -mm4 patches

No odd behavior in the logs both system and game. Nvidia binary driver has been reinstalled.

Like I siad, this didn't surface until I switched to the Asus board .


sehh 03-10-04 11:50 AM

Do you mean you get a slight "delay" or "skip" in your frame rate?

Because i'm having the same problem. I can also see it when i run
glxgears, looking closely at the gears moving, every few seconds
i see a slight 'skip' in the animation. It happens in all my OpenGL games.

I found that i can fix the problem by modifying my XF86Config and
removing some of the loadable modules.

JoseJX 03-10-04 02:38 PM

Sehh, could you specify which modules you removed?

This problem sounds somewhat similar to mine (here) except that you're not getting the badness messages. I'm also using the ASUS A7N8X - Deluxe. It was more noticable with my 5200 FX than with my Ti 4200.

Harshy, did you try the NVidia AGP module instead of the kernel AGP driver?

sehh 03-10-04 03:17 PM

I solved the problem by only using these modules:

Section "Module"
Load "glx"
Load "freetype"
Load "type1"

The problem is that extmod isn't there which means you loose XVideo extensions etc.

So i have a special XF86Config just for playing games, so OpenGL isn't affected.

spsobole 05-02-04 04:24 PM

Re: Odd glx performance
I had this same problem with a brand new 5900. I found that when I switched the 12/5V connector (It has one of those onboard power connectors ) to a different cable the stutter went completely away.

My symptoms were that with quake 3 my 125fps frame rate would drop to ~20fps every few tenths of a second, Making game play extremely choppy/nearly unplayable.

whig 05-03-04 12:32 AM

Re: Odd glx performance
See this thread for my 2c:


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