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tombraider500 10-06-02 06:06 AM

Suse 8.1 and Nvidia drivers

Ive installed Suse 8.1 and works fine but when i try to do a online update everything but the nvidia drivers install fine. With the nvidia drivers i get "error:signature check failed" and the download fails.

Is this a problem my end or with the servers Suse uses to down load the drivers?

Any help would be gratefully received

Thanks a lot

Richard G.

Klaus-P 10-06-02 09:08 AM

Suse 8.0 YasT has bugs, suse 8.1 is the latest distro.
Well, direct online update does fail, this might be
caused if suse 8.1 is trying to download the 2960 nvidia drivers.
i think since end of August these two packages have been removed from the
actual link pointing to the newest available drivers to the driver archive
on the nvidia server. Perhaps yaST does expect the 2960-packages
and not the 3123-version.
Did you read the latest user infos on the suse 8.1 CDs?

I'm wondering why the suse folk haven't informed me this time about
their new distro though i've been running suse for many years. ;-)

tombraider500 10-06-02 10:48 AM


The drivers Suse is trying to install according to YOU is 1-0323.
I have got around the problem by downloading the RPM's. Reinstalling 8.1 and when it asks you if you want to prepare the gtaphics card for 3d I answered Yes and once booted up and running, i installed the drivers before I did anything else .It seemed that on the previous installetion once I had rebooted it changed the 3d enabled to disabled I then couldn't enable it without doing an online update. With installing them before shutting down and while yast still had the 3d enabled installing the drivers seems to have worked I know get 6000 fps on my geforce 4 with gears in a window @ 1024x768, which is more like it. Iwas only getting 200 max.
Funny thing is that yast reports now reports that 3d is disabled but it is definitely not. Tux racer now works a dream
Anyway , Thanks for replying

Richard G.

bwkaz 10-06-02 11:09 AM

To find out for sure if 3D is enabled or not, do a glxinfo in a terminal, and look at the "Direct Rendering:" line. If it says Yes, then regardless of what YaST is telling you, you have 3D support.


tombraider500 10-06-02 11:19 AM

Yes that came up with a load of text which i assume means its installed correctly.


Richard G.

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