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kitty 03-12-04 09:30 AM

dvd fullscreen mode with fedora and kernel 2.6.3

I'm using Fedora Core 1, with kernel 2.6.3.

I have a toshiba laptop M30 with a 1200x800 screen, which runs all right for almost everything

When I a read a DVD in fullscreen mode (with Totem), some lines are strange, like "randomly shift" comparing to others.

And when I read a DivX in fullsreen mode, everything all right.

Does this occur to someone else? Do you have a solution? (except writing my DVD on divX files... )


saturnotaku 03-12-04 09:39 AM


Johnmcl7 03-12-04 11:51 AM

I think that thread title needs to be in a 100pt font, and flash red and yellow, not many people seem to take much notice of it at the moment :S


kitty 03-24-04 11:15 AM

Re: dvd fullscreen mode with fedora and kernel 2.6.3
Hi again!

I have a toshiba M30-104 with a GeForce FX 5200.
I installed NVIDIA kernel module 1.0-5336.

My screen is a 15"4 (1280x800 16/10).

I used several 1280x800 ModeLines, changin dotclok frequency, and I have always the same problem :

I can read video in window mode without any problem.

When I read a video in fullscreen mode (not only DVD), depending on the choosen ratio (16/9, 4/3...), the result is weird. Some lines appear strange.

Ant I tried several video players (totem, xine, mplayer, and another one I cannot remember the name)

Has somebody had the same problem??? I don't know what else to try... :(

Another thing: I cannot get FastWrite working

amaya 04-18-04 08:15 PM

Re: dvd fullscreen mode with fedora and kernel 2.6.3
Which are your modelines? can you post your XF86Config file please? I have a toshiba with 15.4" display too and cannot manage to get the right modelines to get a resolution of 1200x800.


rupakrathore 05-01-04 11:19 PM

Re: dvd fullscreen mode with fedora and kernel 2.6.3
Can you post your XF86Config file? I need to get the same resolution on my laptop but don't have the required modelines in my config file. (thats what log says :). Any body has any idea if copying them is a good idea and what is the alternate?

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