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MUYA 03-16-04 08:58 AM

~ | Official BattleField: Vietnam Feedback Thread | ~
Just for you guys with BF:V ....feedbacks please. :D

Riptide 03-16-04 09:01 AM

I am also very interested in hearing about this. I never got around to playing BF1942 but keep hearing how much fun it is. I would love to hear which vehicles you can drive around in this one. :)

|JuiceZ| 03-16-04 06:58 PM

lol, did anyone pick up BF:Viet? Is it in limited quanities too?

UDawg 03-16-04 08:23 PM

I grabbed one. It is 3 disks :eek: I thought it would be a normal add-on but NOOOEWWWSSSS it's a UDawg size add-on. :D

Haven't installed it yet. To busy playing onslaught. :D

Underzenith 03-16-04 09:00 PM

Its not an add-on. Its a stand-alone game. Also, it crashed back to the desktop with the 45.23 drivers with a Geforce2 GTS but works with the 56.64s.

|JuiceZ| 03-16-04 09:08 PM


Originally posted by Underzenith
Its not an add-on. Its a stand-alone game. Also, it crashed back to the desktop with the 45.23 drivers with a Geforce2 GTS but works with the 56.64s.
So how does it compare to BF1942?

Underzenith 03-16-04 09:13 PM

I really didn't play much of it. The graphics have improved even on my old card. The jets and helicopters are a nice addition although I can't seem to fly them. The AI seems unchanged.

aaahhh52 03-16-04 11:21 PM

awesome game, just got it today, really requires teamwork, It will take you about an hour to master the chopper controls, but once you get the hang of it it is sooo fun the graphics are much inproved since bf1942, and the over all gameplay is better, plus the nice addition of listening to 60's/70's music in all the vehics, its awesome when your about to do a chopper assault and crank up ccr's fortunate son :afro:

UDawg 03-17-04 12:05 AM

First off this is what I want all military games to be like. There is plenty of ground covering to hide from the enemy. You can actually sneak up on people in a team map. I love this aspect of it.

To me it looks the same as BF 1942 and plays exactly the same. I am of the beliefe it is just a mod but others say it is a new. Pooie, they just put more stuff on the maps to hide behind and I am satisfied with that.

The picture below shows logs rolling down the hill side with spikes in them. I shot the holding stick and sent them a rolling. Way cool it has boobie traps. Me likie, well I also like small shiney object but that is my business.

I can easily say I like this better than UT2K4 and I love UT2K4.


jbirney 03-17-04 07:29 AM

Its not too bad at all.

There are some IQ tweaks to make the game look better. I only ran though about 4/5 of the maps. But those were not too bad at all. I am a fair Helo pilot in both DC/EOD so playing around with the Helos here was not too big of a deal. I am sure Die Hard Helo fans from DC/EOD will complian but I liked the changed. Much easier to however and you have gauge that gives your pitch/roll which helps a lot. To me it does not feell like a mod but a tweaked version of the game. Yeap lots of fun here...

SH64 03-17-04 12:12 PM

Got it just now!
Great game .. graphics are good , runs smooth on my 5950U , 1024x768 (4xAA,8xAF) . drivers : 56.64

i only noticed some slight mouse lag thus far .. other than that everything seem to be fine :)

oh & the new voice-overs & music are pretty nice!

LiquidX 03-17-04 12:58 PM

I got mine yesterday and I like it but I do have a few problems that I hope get fixed in a patch. I also hear alot of people from other forums bitching that it runs bad on there uber systems but it runs fine on both of mines.

My issues

-It feels like a mod more than a whole new game to me. But its still great.

-Sounds....its good but you cant really hear futher away explosions and battles like you could in BF1942/DC which is sad. Very Mute as if nothing is happen over the hills when you see napalm dropping and I run an Audigy ZS.

-Darkness-Maybe its my monitor but this game is very dark. Anyone else have this issue?

-Resloutions- Some do not fit my screen, and by time I stretch them out with the monitor controls to fit the screen its at 100%, so with for instance 1280x940 I have to play with black borders at the sides. Also for some reason 1600x1200 runs better than lower resolutions.

Over all everything else is pretty cool and I like especially the music and aircraft control compared to DC. And I have to give the EOD boys there just reward because this is not much better than there mod and infact I think EA took some of there and improved on it.:thumbsup:

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