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joormotha 03-17-04 07:54 PM

nforce 3 + fedora core 1 install probs
Hey guys! First off, I'm a complete linux noob (almost). Just got myself the Shuttle SN85G4 and went dual boot. I decided to go with fedora since I've been messing with red hat once in a while. I installed one of the red hat rpm's on nvidia's website without checking for which kernel it is. As a result my LAN doesn't work. Now I try to install other rpms, but it tells me that the package is already installed. Not sure if I should redo the OS install or try to remove the RPM and try a different one or do I have to compile from source. I don't know how to do either. Thanks in advance.

joormotha 03-18-04 03:10 AM

I figured out my problem. I installed redhat 9 and compliled from source following the instructions in the release notes. Worked like a charm. I will try install fedora again and do the same over again.

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