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Fred_Flint 10-07-02 05:16 PM

How to Uninstall Red Hat?
I have two hard drives in my pc, on the C:\ drive Win2k Pro is installed. The D:\ drive has Red Hat 7.3 installed on it. I am now selling my second drive so I need to format the drive to FAT32 because my friendís pc runs Win98 SE.

In Win2K the second hard drive is not visible in Explorer so I cannot format the drive.

Any help would be great.

Cheers :-)

The Baron 10-07-02 05:17 PM

Run FDISK, delete and remake the partition on the SECOND DRIVE. If you do it on the first, you're hosed, but that should fix you right up.

Fred_Flint 10-07-02 05:39 PM

Thanks for replying =SSC=The Baron.

I have used FDISK before but am unsure how to use it now, as windows cannot see the disk? I also have a cdwr and cd drive in (d:\, E:\), and I thought this may affect things?

If you could give me some further information on how to properly use FDISK so I do not kill Windows that would be great.


The Baron 10-07-02 07:29 PM

Use Linux FDISK (boot off the RH install CD, type fdisk) :p That'd work.

Fred_Flint 10-08-02 06:43 PM

Thanks =SSC=The Baron, i used FDISK and it woked.

chears :-)

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