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OrangeRibbon 03-22-04 07:00 AM

Help geting Nforce(R) to work with MD 10
before I start I am going to state that I am a compleat Newbie when it comes to Linux. I am using Mandake 10.0 I have an E-machine T2778 with an AMD Athalon 2700+ and a Nforce(R) on board sound card. I can not get the sound card to work at all. If there is any information I am missing here please let me know. Thank you for any help.

NeoXP 03-22-04 07:54 AM

Don't even bother trying to get the onboard sound to work. You should use the ALSA-driver.

It is a little bit strange that it is'nt configured out of the box, I'm running ML 10.0 CE also and I did'nt have to change anything.

A good forum for Mandrake is:

click me

Good luck!

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