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jsampson69 10-07-02 09:27 PM

No sound in UT and UT2003
Ok i have a MSI Nforce board... and im running redhat 8... getting the sound and netcard workin was a bit of a hassle in redhat 8 but i got them both working... now my sound works great in normal stuff like xmms playing mp3s ect.. and system sounds in gnome.. but when i launch Unreal tournament or UT2003 i have no sound in either... i cant figure it out... i would just use alsa drivers but i get compile errors when i try to make install them.. any help would be appreciated....


Klaus-P 10-08-02 09:58 AM

Hmmm, and what about the audio I/O settings for your "tournament".
Some programs, and i guess even 'crazy' video games and similar stuff
belong to that sort, offer a preference setting for the input device (if
you are allowed to talk to your computer) and playback (if your machine
is crying back ;-)), anyway, check out the program documentation.
On many linux machines the default for in and output is "/dev/dsp".
If your program is not audio interactive you will only need the correct
output device.

mtrr 10-08-02 06:02 PM

stop "esd", or "arts" or whatever sound-daemon is running
on your system, _before_ you start those games, look in
the xmms prefs for the output plugin used, if it's "oss", then
something different is terribly wrong.


shrike 10-09-02 12:57 PM

I have the same problem. (MSI K7N420 Pro, 1700MHz AthlonXP). Systems sounds work fine in gnome and kde. But games like Quake and TuxRacer have no sound at all. My /var/log/message file has errors about failing to find the char-major-13 module. If I put that alias into the modules.conf I then get errors about char-major-13-64 module not being there.

I've tried everything I can think of with the modules.conf.

alias sound-slot-0 nvaudio
#alias sound-slot-1 nvaudio
#alias char-major-13 nvaudio

Oddly, the system sounds work just the same regardless of what I put in there... I can remove all of it and just do a:

#modprobe nvaudio

And everything works the same.... Puzzling.

mtrr 10-09-02 03:55 PM

char-major 13 is _not_ sound, it's input :),
look in /usr/src/linux/Documentation/devices.txt

sound is char major 14, soundcards which can
handle multiple input streams at the same time are _rare_,
I got one :) so I don't need those daemons, so just stop
them _before_ you start a game.


bms20 08-26-03 02:10 PM

i810_audio fixes problem with Unreal Tournament

I finally got audio out of unreal tournament on RedHat 9. I did this by disabling nvaudio and using the redhat supplied i810_audio instead.

Not sure what the problem is with nvaudio - why can't they just do a good binary only driver for linux - and use the nvaudio hardware to give us more than one dsp channel!


bms20 08-27-03 09:28 AM

UT2003 sound fix

I finally got sound working on UT2003:

I downloaded the openal source code from their CVS. Rebuild it with --enable-vorbis option. The build process produced a libopenal.so.0 file, which I renamed openal.so, and copied into the ut2003/System directory.

This finally made sound start working on RedHat 9.


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