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PaiN 10-08-02 04:41 AM

9700 Pro OC app. needed
Right now I'm overclocking using Power Strip, but I hate having it running in the back ground and I don't need all the fuctionality, just the clock adjustments.
I looking for and app. that adds a driver tab to tweak the clocks, similar to nVidia "coolbits". Let me know if there's anything like this, that works, thanks...

saturnotaku 10-08-02 07:15 AM

Have you tried Rage3D Tweak? That should do the job just fine.

pelly 10-08-02 07:34 AM

As saturnotaku suggests, I used the Rage3D tweak and had no problems...give it a try...should work like a charm...


Gator 10-08-02 07:52 AM


PaiN 10-08-02 12:01 PM

Ah, many thanks.
Its good to talk with you guys again, I been away from the forum for awhile.

Mono 10-11-02 12:46 PM

Radeonator is another option. I like it more then rage3d tweak but that's just prefrence I suppose.

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