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Essense 10-08-02 07:10 PM

Help Networking Problem
Hey guys,

Im trying to network 2 computers in my house together, and I can't seem to get it to work for the life of me.

They are both Windows XP Machines, and the way I have it setup is

Cable Modem 4 port Hub, and 2 RJ-45 Cables runing from the HUB one to my network card and one to his network card.

I can get the machines to see each other, but they won't communicate, somtimes I get them to talk, transfer files, share printers etc. But it only last a little while then it quits working, and somtimes a reboot of both systems won't get it working again. It's really annoying.

Also the only way I could get them to connect was to turn off all Auhtentication proticals, Im not sure how they work with certificats, MD5-challenge, etc. Don't know how to set them up and can't find any documentation in the windows help files. I've seen some networking guides, but they don't go into what to do if you have this problem.

Neither of the computers are shareing an internet connection, they both have separate Dynamic IP's and there own connection.

I also had to turn of the windows XP firewall to get any kind of connection.

I can't beleive it's that hard to just connect 2 computers together though a HUB, it's rediculous.


Pafet 10-09-02 11:30 AM

I don't understand much about networking but I had problems setting up my home LAN of 4 computers with either XP or 98 and a hub. To tell you the truth seems like win came up with a new problem every time I tried adding this or removing that...

In the end I came to the conclussion that if the hardware is OK than its best to manualy assign ip address to each computer, a mask and a gateway for sharing internet. saved a lot of time.
also use "winipcfg" to see everything works and ping from one computer to the other.

BTW setting win98 network was easier :confused:

saturnotaku 10-09-02 12:13 PM

Matthy the mod and I got together because he sold me his old Linksys hub so I could network my desktop and notebook. After about 2 hours of fighting Windows, we said screw it and manually assigned an IP address to each machine. It's worked just fine ever since.

outriding9800 10-10-02 11:12 AM

you sometimes have to assign an ip address because the network card and the dhcp dont like to talk with each other. it is not a windows thing.

Head_slinger 10-14-02 04:56 PM

Basically, you dont have a computer running a DHCP server in your network. You will need to assign each computer an IP address in proper format. Make sure you gibe the IP address to the NIC and not dial up addapter or summit. :D

IP shouls be like this

Computer 1 = IP | Subnet

Computer 2 = IP | Subnet

P.S yes i do know its the same subnet :D

That should work, the only protocol the computers will need is TCP/IP binded to the Network Adapter. Hope this helps.


Incase your wondering if i nkow what im talking about

I have 5 netowkred computers in my house with a linux router connected to a cable modem so all computers have a nice 512k conn. The linux router has print and file server.

basically it roxx :D

Vigilante 10-16-02 08:09 AM

IP should be like this

Computer 1 = IP | Subnet

Computer 2 = IP | Subnet

P.S yes i do know its the same subnet

The configuration for computer #2 should be
You cannot have the same IP address on the same network!

Besides just run ICS and it will do alll the nifty things for you!

Head_slinger 10-16-02 10:09 AM

Ahh yeah thanx alot m8. I must have been asleep. Stupid copy and paste never works how ya want it :D

Sorry if i made ya do it wrong

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