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Wildcards 04-02-04 06:47 AM

nvnet Driver doesn't compile under SuSe Standard Server 8 "2.4.21-198-athlon"
I want to install a Suse Linux Standard Server 8.
First I used United Linux 1.0 Service Pack 3 to install it, with the 2.4.21-138 kernel (since I needed the Sata support), then I compiled the driver with the tar.gz file. After that I had Internet Access and started Yast Online Update. It installed the 2.4.21-198 Kernel with Sources and I tried to compile the driver again, since the eth0 failed on start-up. Now I got the "unresolved symbols" error, I tried the work-around with make cloneconfig, make dep, but it didn't work though.

Any one with a similar problem, or a solution to this problem?


-bye wildcards

wv6u 04-10-04 09:16 AM

Re: nvnet Driver doesn't compile under SuSe Standard Server 8 "2.4.21-198-athlon"
I have a problem posted above under the heading "SUSE 9.0 and A7N8X DELUX" and it sounds as if we are both really talking about the same problem. I install SuSE, run the 261 rpm to get the eth0 and sound working, then run the sh NVIDIA*.run to get the graphics card running correctly and everything is fine until I run Yast. It installs a new kernel and then nothing works right and I cannot rerun the sh NVIDIA*.run. I finally cleaned off the hard disk and reinstalled SUSE9.0 from stratch and now things are working again. But I would like to be able to use YAST without killing everything and so far nothing in any of the NVIDIA OR SUSE help files has worked. If anyone at NVIDIA or out there in the world knows how to make this work I would love to hear about it.

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