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john19055 07-28-02 03:24 AM

Glad to see this site back up and running
This is my favorite site to go to and find out whats going on with new drivers and other stuff.Went to rage3d and posted some but they don't like it when someone from nvnews comes over, even when I was posting nothing negative.I wish that all the post had'nt got lost, but o'well I'm just glad to see this site back up and running.

Kruno 07-28-02 04:46 AM

Yeh. I kept coming here every 5 mins since it's been down. I got here pretty early :p

DIMA 07-28-02 04:57 AM

I'm glad the site & the forums are back! :D

I was getting bored with Rage3D! :)

vampireuk 07-28-02 05:14 AM

everytime I turned on the computer I went straight to the nvnews forums I kept forgetting that they wernt there :(

Remi 07-28-02 05:33 AM

Happy to see this unfortunate event is getting behind you! That's the problem with even innocent cracking, it can give ideas to less innocent people...

I rarely post here so I am not really directly affected, but it is alway sad to see the memory of a community being wiped out. The daily backups are a good idea, I can't applaude it too much!

Policies such as RackShake's disk cleanning are understandable but nevertheless wrong - they act as if data and code were the same thing, and loose valuable data by fear, or lack of time to do a correct restore. That kind of fear is not understandable from professionals, and if they lack the time they could have provided you with an opportunity to do that recovery yourself with a bit of guidance (dos and donts).

But well, nothing is perfect in this world... Nvnews is up and running, and that's what is important!

Thanks for all the hard work, guys! :)

Kerbs 07-28-02 09:25 AM

I am Extremely glad to see Nvnews back up as well, I think Mike has done a great job under the circumstances.

I have been visiting Nvnews for ages (before it was nvnews) and i use it as my homepage lol. I have always been impressed with the quality and quantity on news be it about nVidia or other stuff.

Just like to say good Job to Nvnews team in general.

Phatal 07-28-02 11:01 AM

Nice turnaround time guys.

Glad to see you're up and running again. I was going through withdrawls. :p

DaveW 07-28-02 11:38 AM


I have been visiting Nvnews for ages (before it was nvnews)
It was Viper3D before nV News, and before Viper3D it was "Mike's Diamond Viper Resources", which was when I first came across it.

I remember I found it on a search engine, I had just ordered a PC with a Diamond Viper 550 in it and wanted to learn more about that card. I also remember winning a Game PC mousemat in what I think was the first ever contest. I still have it, its in a box somewhere :)

vampireuk 07-28-02 11:42 AM

I turned up here at umm around March last year, ahhh memories *sniff* someone give me a tissue *sniff*:p

PCarr78 07-28-02 11:48 AM

I came when the TNT2 was hot stuff

err... dont misinterpret the statement LOL

fishlung 07-28-02 11:54 AM

Great job, Mike & Co. You guys don't deserve to go through such hassle. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this place. I think I was going through withdrawals, too. I tried to head over to Rage3D for my daily fix of computer talk, but I couldn't do it. It just wasn't the same at all. Anyway, it's good to be back, and good to see everyone else back as well.

vampireuk 07-28-02 11:55 AM

o_O I have nothing to say but cheese

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