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Phyre 08-01-02 02:06 AM

Custom Refresh Rates, DPI, and Other Display Tweaking
I've been trying to find a good HowTo article that covers setting up multiple resolutions for XFree86. I would like to use custom refresh rates for the more popular resolutions of 1024x768, 1280x1024, and 1600x1200. Also, with a GeForce 4 card, which dpi should I have X-Windows use?

I have the vertical and horizontal frequencies specifications for my monitor, but do I need to know anything els for the dpi settings that my card can use?


Thunderbird 08-01-02 03:52 AM

If you really want to use custrom refresh rates and things like that you need to look into modeline generation. At X startup X already chooses the most optimal builtin modeline for your monitor. If you want to use a different modeline you need to create one yourself using a modeline calculation tool. Look on google for more info about this.

A good modeline calculater made by nvidia is:

Phyre 08-01-02 06:05 PM

I've found several modeline calculations tools, but I'm having trouble finding the video bandwidth of my monitor, a Futrua K7054. The manual for the monitor has a pixel frequency of 202.5 MHz. Are pixel frequency and video bandwidth the same? I've also found the spec sheet for a K9054. My monitor's manual covers this monitor also and states that the pixel frequency is the same for both models. Here is the link for the K9054.


And, here is one for the K7054.


The only problem is that I can't read Polish! LMAO

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks again,

Thunderbird 08-02-02 03:32 AM

Don't use those sites. Damn that site I gave with that tool is down again. That tool is good. You need to specify the hsync/vsync ranges of your monitor and the resolution and the refresh rate you want I thought and then it gives a correct modeline.

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