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borntosoul 10-10-02 04:54 AM

what benchmarks for nv30 / r300/ 350
if your sick of seeing 300 fps benchmarks on >>QUACK 3 :) ,what games would you like to see as a benchmark test on the nv30 or redeon 300/350 ,

nutball 10-10-02 05:43 AM

Doom III :D

Seriously though, even games like that are really only going to stress half of the transistors on NV3x/R3xx.

DadGT 10-10-02 06:29 AM

Extreme Quality script setting on Serious Sam 2: The Second Encounter. Then add in some AA.

Anything with heavy use of shaders. Of course, does that really exist?

borntosoul 10-10-02 07:06 AM

yeh we might even see a bigger performance gap with the next gen games like doom 3 ,but is there any racing fans or flight sim fans out there that got some suggestions?

sancheuz 10-10-02 02:11 PM

Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2002 is a heavy video card user. Definitly a good benchmark.

StealthHawk 10-10-02 03:15 PM

Tenebrae Quake, and of course UT2003

Fotis 10-11-02 03:49 AM

Unreal 2

borntosoul 10-11-02 04:11 AM

well id like to see some racing games like grand prix 4 ,my bro says that with a better graphics card it makes a big difference ,so its not too much cpu dependant,some rts games even ,im not up to date on whats going on in the games front at the moment so i hope we get some really good ones to bench

SnakeEyes 10-11-02 11:23 AM

I'll second the UT2003 suggestion, but be a bit more specific- use the UT2003 flyby benchmarks. Unless of course, you also have hold of some 4GHz processors and can actually see where the video card is causing the dips in botmatch benchmarks. ;)

volt 10-11-02 11:33 AM

Quake 3 = Ancient
IMO UT2K3 will become the next game benchmarking standard

LORD-eX-Bu 10-11-02 04:34 PM

Quake 1 Tenebrae! I second that! Most hardware intensive game yet!:D

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