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MrWho 04-13-04 05:54 AM

RSS Feed?
Does nVnews sport a RSS feed or equivalent so I can use my news software to grab the latest headlines at regular times?

vampireuk 04-13-04 09:17 AM

Re: RSS Feed?
I believe we tested one a while back, I'll search for the thread...

vampireuk 04-13-04 09:18 AM

Re: RSS Feed?

MrWho 04-13-04 10:03 AM

Re: RSS Feed?
It works! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!! :nana: :dance: :jumping: :thumbsup:

MrWho 04-13-04 06:56 PM

Re: RSS Feed?
Well, it does work indeed, but it's a pitty that, when I click on an headline, it doesn't scroll to the article in question. Worse, some articles that appear in the feed are no longer in the main page.

But, as I say, it's nice anyway to have a glimpse at the latest news.

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