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teddylinuxmania 04-14-04 10:29 PM

Installed Nforce2 driver failed on RH9 and FedoraCore 1
Hi all, i am newbie total on linux, I try to install RH9 and download NVIDIA driver for VGA and my nforce2 driver from NVIDIA web site. the first step I installed VGA driver for my GForceFX5200 and It successfully, but after i installed nforce2 driver with RPM i get the message that the module didn't match with the kernel on RH9. couse the my kernel source rpm from CD redhat is 2.4.20_8 and after i see the driver, that the nforce driver have the kernel nforcexxx.2.4.20_9.
are you know how to finish my problem?? or may be if I should to upgrade the kernel 2.4.20_9 where i should to download these kernel source for RH9??? Because untill now, my Soundcard and Ethernet card with AsusA7N8X-X didn't work on RH9 :(
sorry about my english, i wish all of you understand my mean.


LordMorgul 04-18-04 04:00 AM

Re: Installed Nforce2 driver failed on RH9 and FedoraCore 1
The reason it failed: you must use the same version as your kernel -- if you do not have that version available you must recompile the driver as descriibed in the readme.

It is easiest for you to simply update the kernel.
Updates are available from Red Hat until 31 April 2004. After that, you should have updates available from Fedora Legacy when serious (security) updates are needed.

If you do not want to update, then you should use [urlhttp://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/nforce/1.0-0261/NVIDIA_nforce-1.0-0261.src.rpm]this rpm[/url] and rebuild it as described in the readme.
Both are posted on the driver download page: http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_nforce_1.0-0261

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