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Atreyu 04-15-04 03:39 AM

howto get nforce2 audio to work with Linux 2.6.5?? (and others too I guess)
I'm certain by know others have this setup and working (at least partially) and I would love to know how!! I have an MSI K7N2G mobo - coincidentally based on nforce2.

I had sound working well enough with 2.6.0 kernel, I've recently upgraded to 2.6.5 and now sound is shot ... best I can get is some squaking and high pitched whining but thats not very pleasant - esp when it wont shut up until I mute audio in ALSA controls ... to best of my knowledge I'm running latest version of module-init-tools and ALSA stuff ...

Hopefully someone has a bit of a howto for getting sound to work with this kernel ... cheers!

Atreyu 04-15-04 06:06 PM

Re: nforce2 audio howto for 2.6.5 (and others too I guess)
I now have OSS working but ALSA still nada

Current Kernel config in Device Drivers - Sound - ALSA I have Intel 8xx and in Sound - OSS I have enabled OSS and have Intel ICH i8xx

I've got these drivers compiled into the kernel currently as modules werent working - now while having OSS is a good start any help on getting ALSA working would be great!

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