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chrischan 04-15-04 06:19 AM

I just installed SuSe 9.0 and bumped into many problems, as in I dont know how to install 3rd Party drivers. I am using a Abit NF7S-V2.0 motherboard. Whereas, I cant install the nforce driver because I dont know how to. Would someone be kind enough to guide me through a step by step configuration in SuSe 9.0?

I dont understand of how, the readme says "make menuconfig" and also asked me to go to "kernel source installer" or something like "kernel source directory". I am not sure of how it works basically.

Please need some guidance. :)

blueworm 04-15-04 07:34 AM

Re: nvidia_nforce_1.0-0216
These drivers are uneccesary for kernels > than 2.6.2.
If you are using any other 2.6 kernel upgrade.
If you are using 2.4 kernels do this.
unpack the download.

tar -zxvf NVIDIA_nforce-1.0-0261.tar.gz

cd nforce/nvnet && make install
you will then need to add the module to your /etc/modules

echo nvnet >> /etc/modules
or whereever Suse uses to load modules at boot.
Before you do anything read the README which comes with the driver.

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