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saturnotaku 10-10-02 09:47 PM

Freeware disk defrag programs
Anyone know of any good freeware disk defragmenting programs that do not include Diskeeper Lite? I want to find a substitute for the standard Windows XP defragger and thought DK Lite would be good. However, that program plays havoc with my system in that my management console constantly crashes with it installed.

Any suggestions/links will be most helpful. :cool:

Matthyahuw 10-11-02 09:32 AM

Maybe try O&O Defrag 2000 Freeware?
it's top user rated at download.com

The Baron 10-11-02 10:01 AM

what's wrong with the standard WinXP defragger? still takes about 1/50 of the time to defrag a drive in Win98, and you can still use your box while you're doing it, too... :p

saturnotaku 10-11-02 10:06 AM

But I want it to take 1/100 of the time! :p

VeritechK7 10-13-02 01:55 AM

I'd say go for O&O .. i liked it when i used it .. it's free still and see how you like it .

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