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OK8 04-16-04 06:41 PM

I need help with the drivers.
First of all, I want to thank everyone who is goingto help me, and say that i'm really sorry about this thread. If this thread causes any harm to anyone, I want to say that i'm sorry.

I'm a real noob with Linux.

The thing is, that I have Linux Mandrake 9.2, and I need to get my onboard Ethernet card to work. I have nvidia nFORCE2 chipset, and I'm in need of drivers, and instructions in how to install them.

Thank you all.

ALexX 04-19-04 12:17 PM

Re: I need help with the drivers.
I am from Russia (I tol that to apologize for my poor english). I have motherboard on nForce2. I installed Red Hat Linux 8. Drivers for integrated GPU I installed successfully. But Linux does not see integrated sound card and integrated network adapter. Does anybody know, what to do? Thanks.

geowiz 04-19-04 08:29 PM

Re: I need help with the drivers.
Here is the page at Nvidia for the drivers. What you want is the IA32 nforce driver package. Latest version 1.0-0261

http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_nforce_1.0-0261.html .

There are pre-built RPMS for Red Hat 8 but not MDK 9.2. For 9.2 you'll need to find other pre-built rpms or download the source rpms and build them yourself.

The search function in this forum is helpful in finding other suggestions and possible problem solutions you might need.

Good luck

NeoXP 04-20-04 02:02 AM

Re: I need help with the drivers.
Did you succeed or do you still need help.

If so, here are the steps I followed:

first find out your kernel version, open a terminal and type: uname -r

This will give something like 2.4.22-....mdk, (sorry, I'm runnng ML 10.0 now,so I don't know the right kernel)

Go to the mirror where you downloaded MD 9.2 and look for the right kernel-source, download this (doesn't matter where), if you are still in the terminal become su. Go to the dir where you saved the kernel-source and type: urpmi kernel-source 2.4.22-.....mdk.

After this is finished, download the nForce-driver

Still in the terminal as su type: rpm --rebuild NVIDIA_nforce-1.0-0261.src.rpm

A lot of info will pass your screen, when it is finished, look for a line like "wrote /urs/......

Go to that dir and there you will find the rebuild NVIDIA_nforce-1.0-0261.rpm

Type rpm -ivh NVIDIA_nforce-1.0-0261.rpm

After this go to the mandrake configuration and configure your network!

Good luck

ALexX 04-24-04 03:06 PM

Re: I need help with the drivers.
I've installed file(s) from there (http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_nforce_1.0-0261.html .) Now in KDE new device appeared (nvnet). I configure connection, bur see message : "Your network card could not be initialized." I even manually write IRQ # (22), MEM I/O, and all resources that I saw in windows (device manager - device - resources), nothing helps...

ALexX 04-25-04 03:11 AM

Re: I need help with the drivers.
Also I tried
# insmod nvnet
# modprobe nvnet
nothing helps. "No module with that name found". But the file /lib/modules/2.4.18-14/kernel/drivers/net/nvnet.o exists. When I try
# insmod /lib/modules/2.4.18-14/kernel/drivers/net/nvnet.o
it says: kernel version mismatch. Module compiled to 2.4.18-14 while this kernel is 2.4.18-14bigmem. What's the problem?.. Should I recompile kernel and drivers myself?

NeoXP 04-25-04 01:05 PM

Re: I need help with the drivers.
Seems to me that you have installed the wrong kernel-source. Figure out what your kernel is by typing uname -r in a root-terminal, then find the matching kernel-source (they have to match, else it won't work) and recompile the nForce-drivers.

For instance:

My kernel is kernel-2.6.3-8mdk so the matching source is kernel-souce-2.6.3-8mdk, if my kernel should be kernel-tmb-2.6.3-8mdk the matching source should be kernel-source-tmb-2.6.3-8mdk.

The kernel and the source have to match, that's very important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Luck.

/edit: typo/

geowiz 04-26-04 08:51 AM

Re: I need help with the drivers.
AlexX -
Yes, you'll need to re-compile the nvnet source for your kernel.
You may not need to recompile the kernel. In /usr/src/linux, there should be a directory called "configs". Copy the 2.4.28-14bigmem file to /usr/src/linux/.config . Then do a make dep. Then re-compile the nforce-1.0-0261 package. Then install the rpm. This may allow you to avoid rebuilding the kernel.
If that doesn't work then, yes, recompile the kernel and then re-compile and install the nforce package.
For what it's worth - the newer kernels have a lot of fixes.
Hope this is of value ......

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