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Panick 04-16-04 11:21 PM

The freeware Tribes 2 release
As some of you may be aware Sierra is planning to release Tribes and Tribes 2 as freeware next month to help promote the release of the next Tribes game. As usual they're shafting the Linux users by not releasing the Linux version of Tribes 2 alongside it's Windows counterpart (something about them not "owning" the Linux version).

I've been looking into it and I believe that it is possible to build a patch that will install the Linux version of Tribes 2 from a copy of the Windows version. Since the CD Keys are version independant one could use the CD-key from a Windows copy to play the game (I'm assuming that the free release will include some sort of global CD key). Since the Linux version is out of print and no longer being sold no one is going to be out any money on this. The only problem that I've run into is that I need 3 files from the Linux CD of Tribes 2 to make this work.

If anyone has access to a Linux version of the Tribes 2 CD and would like to help me out on this I would really appreciate it. Please PM me.

I do not need the whole CD or the CD key just a couple of files from the CD to complete the installer.

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