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JoeMue 04-17-04 12:32 AM

Little Distortions at Videoplayback
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Hi !

I have a Problem with distortions on Videoplayback with the nVidia-Driver (5336 and earlier).
(Players are mplayer and xine - but that doesn't matter)
With XShm the Problem doesn't exist (only flickers) - with xv it does.
It is independent from Graka (TNT to GeForce2 tested) and Distro.

The Problem:
There is a horizontal line from the left to the right about 1/3 from the bottom.
Below this line is everything fine. Above this Line the resolution is significant lower than below.
Furthermore this line is 2 Pixel high but should be 1 Pixel.
It seems to be only at 1024x768. On a normal Monitor it doesn't attract attention - but on a Beamer it does. (See attached Pic)

With the 2960 driver there are two of this lines - about 1/4 from top and 1/4 from bottom.
Between this lines the resolution is rising (from bottom to top).

Normal X (Desktop) has no distortions. One Pixel in a Graphic is one Pixel on the Wall.

Maybe someone have this Problem too - and a solution !?!
Or is it a Bug must be fixed from nVidia ?



(Excuse my terrible english ..)

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