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Da_Necromancer 04-17-04 10:33 AM

NVIDIA 5336 issues with RH9 kernel 2.6
Hi all,

I'm running Red Hat 9 and I recently downloaded the kernel 2.6.4 source from the kernel.org site, compiled and installed it. I would say it works ok because i'm not getting any FAILED errors on bootup and my hardware all works. the only problem is that i can't install the nvidia 5336 drivers on my machine.
i tried installing it on kernel 2.4 and it works flawlessly, point2play (included in winex) was satisfied with the FPS. so i guess the problem is in kernel 2.6 somewhere.
the installer loads fine, it reports that it can't find a pre-compiled driver for my kernel and offers to download one from the internet. it fails to do that and then it says that it will attempt to compile a driver for my kernel. It begins compiling and goes all the way to 100%.
It then fails by saying that it was unable to load the kernel module nvidia.ko. the only advice it gives is that it needs the kernel source of the running kernel. i used the kernel-source-path parameter to specify the path to the kernel source, but i still get the same result.
Could anyone PLEASE help me with this problem?
I would really appreciate it if you could give me any information.

LordMorgul 04-17-04 04:03 PM

Re: NVIDIA 5336 issues with RH9 kernel 2.6
You should have the running kernel's source in a directory with the name /usr/src/linux-2.6.4. You should place a link in /lib/modules/2.6.4/ to that source directory, name it 'build'.
ln -s /usr/src/linux-2.6.4 /lib/modules/2.6.4/build

If those two things are already in place and you still can't get it to find the source, then maybe you should instead try using kernel 2.6.x RPMs. It has been awhile since I built 2.6 on RH9 and have forgotten any 'gotchas' I had to deal with.

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