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shelbydz 04-18-04 10:22 AM

switching from CRT to LCD
Hey guys, I just bought a 17" LCD screen off the internet. I'm using an Nvidia Ti4200 card with Mandrake 9.2. Am I going to need to switch anything in the card's setup in order to make the new screen work correctly, or will it detect everything?

. . . shawn

Talornin 04-18-04 11:10 AM

Re: switching from CRT to LCD
You may have to change the resolution. Thats all. Also there are some optimization options for LCD screens but none of those are required.

Thunderbird 04-18-04 11:19 AM

Re: switching from CRT to LCD
The first thing you don't mention is if the lcd screen has a dvi-connector or not. If so I'd recommend you to use this connection in favor of the normal D-SUB (vga-connector). For this you need to add a line "ConnectedMonitor" "DFP".

Further no matter if you use DVI or D-SUB you need to change the refresh rate settings in the monitor section. (I know there's no real refresh rate but the values are still important)

shelbydz 04-18-04 06:15 PM

Re: switching from CRT to LCD
okay, I'll let you guys know when it comes in. My card has both connectors on it, so I guess we'll see what the monitor has.


Soul-Crusher 04-19-04 12:20 AM

Re: switching from CRT to LCD
You should also check to make sure you have the correct refresh rate set up.

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