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tedius 04-19-04 05:54 AM

Can't name module
I'm having a problem installing the nVidia driver.

I have a Geforce 2 MX, and my OS is based on Linux From Scratch 5.0 running a vergine kernel 2.6.2 and udev

When I try to install the driver by running the .run file, it will show me the licence (which I accept) and then asks if I want to download a fitting module (here I say no).

This is where the problem is because I get a message back saying that it can't find the name for the module.

I can't rember the message exactly but I'm pretty sure that it is saying it doesn't know what to name the new module.

Can anyone help.


LordMorgul 04-19-04 12:11 PM

Re: Can't name module
This is due to the installer not being able to locate your kernel sourcecode directory (or the incorrect sourcecode is there).

The typical location for Linux kernel source is /usr/src/linux-<version>, where <version> is replaced by the output of uname -r, in your case this should probably be /usr/src/linux-2.6.2.

There should be a symlink at /lib/modules/<version>/build pointing to that source directory, <version> means the same as above.

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