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acid_zebra 10-11-02 03:28 AM

Problem with APM/NVdriver/Mandrake 9.0
Hey All,

When I try to suspend my notebook with apm --suspend the screen goes all funny, and then nothing. Only a hard reset helps (ouch)

I am using the latest nvidia drivers compiled from source on a otherwise vanilla Mandrake 9.0 running gnome.

Before I compiled these drivers I was running X with the VESA driver, and APM worked without problem.

I must say these drivers kick ass, everything look nice and bright!

Running on a:
Dell Latitude C840
512 Mb RAM
30 Gb HD
Geforce 4 440 Mobile, 32 Mb

Anyone got a clue?

Andy Mecham 10-11-02 12:50 PM

Unfortunately, power management is not currently supported by the NVIDIA Linux driver. We hope to include support in a future release, but I can't give you a timeline at this point.

I apologize for the inconvenience...


acid_zebra 10-15-02 05:34 AM

too bad... but hey, it's better than running VESA drivers!
Thanks for the response Andy, too bad it isn't implemented.

Fortunately, I am running blackbox, so I am able to start and stop the X server in seconds. Then I can do the apm stuff on the command line.

Again, kickass drivers!

zifferuk 10-25-02 05:35 PM

Is power management supported on desktop PCs ???

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