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Kruno 10-11-02 03:44 AM

A statement about multi-posters!
There is a large increase :eek:
Gib (I think) asked for people to stop doing things like that or similar.
(Sorry if I sound like I'm trying to moderate these forums lately) lolz

StealthHawk 10-11-02 03:57 AM

especially when people make another post to "edit" what they said in a previous post, instead of just editing the original post.

annoying, but thankfully, it doesn't happen all too often

sbp 10-11-02 08:58 AM

I try to shove as much crap/info into one post as possible. High density posts full of crunchy goodness? Make it so! http://sbp777.homestead.com/files/thumb.gif

saturnotaku 10-11-02 09:10 AM

K.I.L.E.R. I couldn't agree with you more. If you're going to respond to more than one person in your post, just copy and paste the quote from the post into your response and use the tags.

And editing - that's why the feature is in place so we don't experience this "problem."

Thanks to everyone in advance for their cooperation and making this the best place on the web to discuss NVIDIA and well, anything else. :D

Kruno 10-11-02 09:25 AM

Post delay time (flood control)? Would be annoying if I have at least 2 different threads to respond to :/

Mods editing and deleting constantly? You will need someone willing to spend 24/7 on these boards for that. :/

Automated: reply to yourself and that 2nd messeged gets moved into your first messege and it will all be 1 post and not 2+ posts, also means your post count will only raise by 1. Excellent idea... now to find some code that allows that and incorporate it into the boards :/

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