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ChrisW 04-20-04 04:16 AM

Request to be banned
I would like to formally request to be banned from these forums. The lack of civility and personal insults are getting to me. I would consider it a favor as I would have no reason/excuse to continue frequenting this forum. As this will probably be my last post, I would like to thank those of you whom provided some good debates.

ChrisRay 04-20-04 06:55 AM

Re: Request to be banned
Just dont come here, Its not that hard, removing it from your favorites is the first Step,

The Second step would be having the discipline to not type w w w . n v n e w s . n e t

I really think you can handle these 2 steps and a banning is completely un neccasary, It only serves to create drama on your part.

gmontem 04-20-04 09:46 AM

Re: Request to be banned
Edit your hosts file so nvnews.net forwards you to rage3d. ;)

LiquidX 04-20-04 10:35 AM

Re: Request to be banned
CrisW sometimes some do get carried away with what they believe but thats no reason to request that they be banned or in this case....yourself be banned.

90% the threads here now do not end up in a flaming mess. The 10% which seems to be getting to you I dont think is worth leaving Nvnews over. It would really suck around here if everyone agreed on everything. I would think most just get riled up in good fun and mean no harm and if a thread is getting too hot for you...un-subscribe to it, no reason to stay and continue the conversation.

PM a admin or mod with links if this really is major issue with a indiviual. It really makes no sense take the childish road of a certain blue phoenix and leave only to be bitter later over at another forum like bad soap opera.:angel2:

vampireuk 04-20-04 11:09 AM

Re: Request to be banned
If you don't want to visit just don't visit. I see no reason to ban you just because you have had a tiff on here.

|JuiceZ| 04-20-04 01:01 PM

Re: Request to be banned
Believe me if we wanted you banned, you would be so we will spare you the excuse for public pity. I'm not sure about the mods but I've yet to receive any complaints or any reported posts from you about getting personal attacks so I don't quite understand this request.

Regardless, as its already been said, if you don't like this community, the door swings both ways.

MUYA 04-20-04 01:07 PM

Re: Request to be banned
u mean u swing both ways JuiceZ :D hehehhehehehe....

/me runs away...

S.I.N 04-20-04 01:47 PM

Re: Request to be banned
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Your too sensitive Chris. If this forum does this to you I cant fathom what life does. But I say go out in a bang, curse out everyone. I vote you guys give the man what he wants. :ORDER: :p


legion88 04-20-04 03:53 PM

Re: Request to be banned
I suggest you use the NVNews Forum patch. It will help you get over the cravings to browse the forum time and time again.

MUYA 04-20-04 03:57 PM

Re: Request to be banned
This is going nowhere. If ChrisW wants to leave...let him...thread closed.

Clay 04-22-04 12:18 AM

Re: Request to be banned
he's baaaa-aack :p

|JuiceZ| 04-22-04 06:16 AM

Re: Request to be banned

Originally Posted by MaxPower

whoa isn't that amazing... :rolleyes2

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