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wv6u 04-21-04 04:25 AM

nvidia installer vs yast
I have an a7n8x delux mother board and an ASUS MX4400 vidio card. I am running SuSE 9.0 but I have had the same problem since 7.*. I installed the OS ran the nvidia *.rpm to get the eth0 and sound going and then ran the "sh NVIDIA*.run to get the graphics working. All went perfectly and everything worked fine.

Then a day or two later I started YaST and did an update. Afterward the graphics stopped working, eth0 stopped working, and the nvidia rpm and *.run would no longer make things work. There has got to be a way for the NVIDIA drivers and YaST to coexist. Does anyone have have the solution for this?

SuLinUX 04-21-04 06:52 AM

Re: nvidia installer vs yast
SuSE 9 comes with a nvidia patch on YOU, rpms have not been used since SuSE 8. More than lightly the new kernel has coursed your strange eth0 issue, use the patch off YOU or download the 'NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-5336-pkg1.run' from nvidias site.

wv6u 04-21-04 10:19 AM

Re: nvidia installer vs yast
I believe that, that is exactly what I did the last time I tried to update via YOU or YaST, what ever is the proper name. I ended up with working sound but nothing else. I had to reinstall from the original CD's to get back to normal. Perhaps I am not doing this correctly. Assuming I have a new 9.0 install. After the install the eth0 does not work. Running the 261.rpm gets that and the sound working. I then tried running the 5336.run and then nothing worked. I ended up having to install from scratch. Let me know the exact steps from installing the 9.0 from the CD's and nothing else and I will try that.

SuLinUX 04-21-04 12:12 PM

Re: nvidia installer vs yast
There are no exact steps to installing SuSE, just follow the instructions and dont install the updated kernel from YOU.

wv6u 04-21-04 01:01 PM

Re: nvidia installer vs yast
I am sorry. I did not make myself very clear. I have no problem installing SuSE. I don't even have a problem making it work. The only proble I have is if I run YaST. You said "don't
install a kernel from YOU". I don't ever ask it to install a kernel, it usually does it whether I want to or not.

SuLinUX 04-21-04 01:26 PM

Re: nvidia installer vs yast
You need to deselect it and there is a option to never install or update, right click the update and the options will be there.

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