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items 04-21-04 12:22 PM

peformance problem with remote display
I have RHEL3 on my two machines. The nvidia driver version is IA32 1.0-5336.

I try to send the display from one machine to the other, it works but the poor performance make the application unusable. In the oponGL application I put a trace to see if the rendering is done on the hardware. When I call glXIsDirect, the function returns true when the display is local, but when the display is remote the function returns FALSE.


Thunderbird 04-21-04 01:45 PM

Re: peformance problem with remote display
This is normal for remote glx, it is normal to be slow. In the past opengl in X worked like this but these days "direct rendering" tricks are used to make it fast.

items 04-21-04 03:29 PM

Re: peformance problem with remote display
But, I have another opengl app. and this one works fine remotly. Any idea why only one of these is running slow? Note, the one that works is using performer.

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