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pilotcdmarker 04-22-04 11:05 AM

Which card for stereo HMD

I need to connect a stereo head mounted display (i-Visor DH-4400VPD) that has two seperate video input channels to a graphic card. The graphics are to be displayed using OpenGL rendering (two separate images for the left and right eye). So no page-flipping here.

As far as I know nVidia cards featuring TwinView and Quadro can be set up to display in "TwinView clone mode stereo" (or "passive" stereo) mode. Has anyone made positive experience using this mode under Linux who can tell me if my intended configuration is likely to work? Any other aspects that I need to consider? Thanks in advance!



Thunderbird 04-22-04 11:16 AM

Re: Which card for stereo HMD
Personally I don't have experience with Stereo. Indeed Quadro boards support this as far as I know it works better with "recent" boards than with older ones like the Quadro I. What you want seems to be possible using it but your app might need (OpenGL) optimizations to use it.

bov 04-30-04 05:06 AM

Re: Which card for stereo HMD

We have succesfully used a V8 HMD with GF4 TI4400 and TI4600 twinview cards (in Linux).

No problems here,


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