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SnakeEyes 10-11-02 09:14 PM

Am I losing my mind already?
<bewildered look, scratching head>
.. or wasn't there a news item about a map pack containing most of the maps from the leaked UT 927 build on the front page today? I was just hunting for it so I could go see if I can get the maps and try them in the retail engine, but can't seem to find anything concerning that now.

StealthHawk 10-12-02 06:21 AM

i'm certain it was there. i'll take your word for it that it's gone. when i went to 3DGPU, the links were still active, although the news post said they had been removed :confused: anyway, that's where the nV News post originated from, so go check it out.

SnakeEyes 10-12-02 08:19 AM

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction StealthHawk. It's no longer on the front page here, but maybe it was removed due to worries that Epic might not like the spread of those maps? (Dunno why, at this point, since it requires the full retail to use them)

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