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Clay 04-23-04 09:21 PM

Thanks to MUYA
Just wanted to take a minute to thank Kal for his continued work with gathering all of news of the daily roundups. He's working a ton now (sometimes 12 hour shifts) and so we should all take a second to let him know that we appreciate his efforts.

Way to go Kal! :thumbsup: :clap2: :nana:

LiquidX 04-23-04 10:58 PM

Re: Thanks to MUYA
Oh crap I came in this section to do the very same thing. :screwy: Yes I also want to say thanks for all the news bro. The front page is my second hit every day in the morning after checking the daily news. You save alot of us too lazy to visit every tech realm for info alot of time. :thumbsup:

MikeC 04-23-04 11:06 PM

Re: Thanks to MUYA
Muya is the best :D Thanks Buddy for a job always well done.

Rytr 04-23-04 11:52 PM

Re: Thanks to MUYA
Thanks MUYA! You do good. :)

ragejg 04-24-04 12:02 AM

Re: Thanks to MUYA
MUYA=teh win!!!!!1


UDawg 04-24-04 03:31 AM

Re: Thanks to MUYA
Hey he just got a job and I don't see him on IRC anymore all these activities must be killing him. BTW quite smoking and you will feel better. :D You might not get winded playing UT any more. :p

vampireuk 04-24-04 05:15 AM

Re: Thanks to MUYA
Great work buddy, MUYA's hard work means I got to slack off :angel:

I mean umm concentrate on other areas.... :eek2:

Sazar 04-24-04 01:05 PM

Re: Thanks to MUYA

muya's gonna lay low for a while coz his footy team got smacked around like the little girls they are today :rofl

btw... kudo's on the work and the news... now stop sulking and get drunk...


MUYA 04-25-04 08:35 AM

Re: Thanks to MUYA
Holy Ego Builing Thread BATMAN!

I didn't see this thread till now! Bit embarrased about it but thanks guys for the kind words! :D Much appreciated!

And saz, we beat you at your home and u beat us at OT.....1-1 ;) for this season.

and yeah i was drunk as a wet fart last night started at 6pm ended at 6 am! Guess the footy had something to do with it! lol yeah i dunno how long my liver and kidneys will hold out. :eek:

Sazar 04-25-04 12:41 PM

Re: Thanks to MUYA
it was 6-1 before that though init u git :D

so its really like 7-2 or something like that... over the past several seasons...

/me runs away...

MUYA 04-25-04 12:43 PM

Re: Thanks to MUYA
lol i dunno i forgot ...all the alcohol has killed me memory brain cells. :p

Toaster 04-25-04 02:20 PM

Re: Thanks to MUYA
YAY, lets have a party with lots of beer and (nekid) woman to celebrate :D

and mebbe we should invite MUYA too :p

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