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de><ta 08-01-02 09:20 AM

where r all the sof2 servers ????
i tried playing online, and only one server showed up. I kept getting disconnected from it:mad:

Any one knows where to get the sdk patch 1.1 for sof2.

The current computer keeps cleaning the resgistry and i cant install the patch as it says the registry cant be found. It actually says its has found one similar but it does not do anything.

Yes i have the SOF2 cd along with the cd key.

vampireuk 08-01-02 09:25 AM

download gamespy they have *loads* of sof2 servers there :) only takes a few mins to set up too:cool:

Spectral 08-01-02 09:35 AM

Too bad Gamespy sucks. :( I cant stand that app.

ExitWound 08-01-02 09:48 AM

Does The All Seeing Eye support Sof2? I don't see why it wouldn't.

Matthyahuw 08-01-02 10:19 AM

get the no-ad patch for gamespy...that app is nice to have, but it's evil!

de><ta 08-01-02 10:30 AM

where do u get it from?

does it load anything on the registry?

Matthyahuw 08-01-02 01:45 PM

telling you where to get it publically would violate the DCMA, so I can't say...but check your PMs...hehe

netviper13 08-01-02 09:40 PM

Matthy, could you *cough* point me to the general direction of the URL via PM? :p

de><ta 08-02-02 10:17 AM

hey could any one with sof2 and the latest patch check out how many server there are right now.

I seem to be getting only 2 and they seem to be on DSL:D
good ping but freakin high latency.

Matthyahuw 08-02-02 12:56 PM


Originally posted by de&gt;&lt;ta
good ping but freakin high latency.

de><ta 08-02-02 02:03 PM

huh ? what do u mean?

Matthyahuw 08-02-02 02:54 PM

ping and latency is the same thing :confused:
ping is just checking to see what the latency is...

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