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PapaBear 04-24-04 04:47 PM

nVidia nForce 2 ethernet. and RedHat 9
Ok so i'm sure you're well aware of it but i'll go ahead and ask the question anyway. Last night I got rather bored and decided to install RH 9 onto a second HD. everything went well until I was wanted to connect to the internet. the network configuration doesn't want to find the Ethernet card that I have. I have a Compaq Presario S4500NX. Well I hear that this is a common problem with the type of ethernet that is onboard. I've download both of the drivers from nVidia the .tar and the .rpm and neither of those work. I think the answer lies within the .tar which i can open but I don't know what i'm supposed to do with it. I'm totally new to the linux systems and so I don't know about all the coding that I would need to do so if you could walk me through like the noob I am that would be great. i know :lame: .... Sorry
Any help i could get would be great. This isn't really important just something I decided to do for fun and out of boredom. TIA

MNKyDeth 04-27-04 12:46 AM

Re: nVidia nForce 2 ethernet. and RedHat 9
Well, back when I was learning linux I had to learn all this stuff so here goes.
Untar the .tgz file. Something like tar -xvzf (name of file)
It should extract a folder or dir depending on the DE/WM you are using.

These are technically supposed to be used to install all the drivers for nforce boards. I beleive by doing a ./configure (enter) then make (enter) then make_install) and that should install the sound, NIC, chipset drivers.

However, I found the sound already worked with RH9 when I used to use it. (Sorry if some of this is off I am trying to remember from then). So all I really need was the NIC to work for me. All I did was go into the untared folder and then there was another folder named Eth or nic or something related to the onboard nic card. You need to be in a terminal in that that dir and type make then make install and it should work for ya.

If you need any clarifications please let me know. It's late and It's been awhile since RH9 for me.

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