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vampireuk 08-01-02 09:21 AM

rm convert?
Is it possible to convert a rm file into something that can be played in windows media player. I really dont want real on my computer *vomits* :p

Spectral 08-01-02 09:59 AM

rofl... I absolutely refuse to install Realplayer on my pc. Its like a virus, and I avoid it like the plague.

Starscream 08-01-02 11:04 AM

There's a program called EO Video that lets you save real player video into any other format you want. The only downside is you've got to have real player installed to do it.

It works pretty well, I'd post a link but can't remember the address. Google will serve you well.

|JuiceZ| 08-01-02 09:20 PM

thx for the info starscream, grab it here

vampireuk 08-02-02 03:57 AM

w00t, thnx :) suppose ill download it, change it then delete Real:D

zippermcfrag 08-11-02 03:00 AM

go to VCD Help and look at the how to area. All the convert how to' are there along with rm's

skipparoo 08-12-02 01:42 AM

I hope that help works. I went ahead and gave EO a try, with negative results. It seems if the .rm file is corrupted in any way, like when you get those freezes on the buffer, it won't convert the rest of the file properly. The audio is completely converted, but the video stops at the last place of corruption. Since so many .rm files are this way, it makes this program almost useless. Oh well, we'll see about this VCD Help...


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