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leopardi 04-27-04 08:10 PM

How does NVIDIA support Linux developers?
I flicked over to the developer's pages on the NVIDIA web site and found Cg toolkit for Linux.
and Cg tutorial examples:

So, it does look like NVIDIA is serious about supporting Liunx developers.

I still, though, from my examination of the rest of the site, the diversity of Windows software available, and the scant mention of Linux, get the impression that Linux developers are an afterthought.

What are your experiences? How does NVIDIA support Linux developers?

LaNcom 04-27-04 08:30 PM

Re: How does NVIDIA support Linux developers?
Cg for Linux is really nice - and pretty much all you need. And according to Nvidia's developer support staff a AMD64 version should be in the works - I really hope this is the case and we'll see the results soon... ;-)

Most other (Windows) dev tools are useless for Linux developers, porting them would be a waste of time (lotsa DirectX specific thingies and a pretty useless plugin for good old crappy Photoshop).

But there are quite a few problems with Linux developer support, starting with better driver support - I have a Quadro 3000G on AMD64, the drivers are pretty unstable and offer neither 32bit compatibility nor the genlock control panel, no OpenGL 1.5 and no SLang support - OpenGL2 and OpenML beta drivers would be cool, too...

I think the best thing Nvidia could do would be to create a simple registration for developers (no hassle, fill a form and hit "OK"; becoming a registred developer right now is next to impossible) and grant them access to beta drivers and software (daily snapshots or something).

CrLf 04-27-04 09:08 PM

Re: How does NVIDIA support Linux developers?
Yeah, a registry for developers would be cool. But what would be even cooler is a kind of a blog where we can see what's in the works in the linux drivers (and other platforms too). Maybe if we knew that the 4kstacks thing is being taken care of, we wouldn't be so damn annoying. :bash:

gziegler 05-01-04 05:31 PM

Re: How does NVIDIA support Linux developers?
Yepp, I would also like the Linux support to become even more professional.
I am a registered developer, but since I am only interested in Linux drivers, it is of little use to me (except for the special techdocs, of course).

It would be great to see a Linux driver roadmap, and to be able to give feedback on which features that are needed most. I currently miss the render_to_texture feature a lot (since I do GPU calc) - will take a look if I have missed something in the GLX part of the driver, but it doesnt seem like it is there yet.

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