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Jarod 04-29-04 06:47 AM

ia32 or ia64????
hey, i just upgraded to an athlon XP on gentoo linux, and NEED graphics support (wonder why, maybe vegastrike?? lol) but i need to know if i should get 32 or 64 drivers, is it like arcatecture or ram on vcard, i've got ans athlon xp 2500+ with a biostar mb (M7NCD Nforce2) 512mb ddr333, and a tnt2 videocard.

thanks for any help

blueworm 04-29-04 07:20 AM

Re: ia32 or ia64????
You need the ia32 driver. (intel architecture 32bit)
ia64 means intel architecture 64bit, this is for the itanic(itanium).
amd64 is for opteron, athlonFX, athlon64
BSD is a 32bit intel architecture driver for *bsd (freebsd,openbsd,netbsd).

Jarod 04-29-04 08:18 AM

Re: ia32 or ia64????
thanks man, i thought it might be something like that but wasn't sure

mpugsley 05-04-04 01:43 PM

Re: ia32 or ia64????
Thanks, blueworm. This helped me too.

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