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djoole 05-01-04 08:17 AM

[TwinView] color problems on 2nd screen (TV)
When i watch full screen videos on my TV, and when subtitles appear, the color of the video is fading.
Same thing, when nothing is placed on the second screen, i see the wallpaper with good colors. When i move a window to it, the color of the wallpaper si faindg (moving from blue to grey-blue).

Do you have any idea how i can fix that, and how i can set color, birghtness, contrast and smoothness parameters?? I could do that in windows, but i couldn't find the options for XF86Config..

rednuht 05-04-04 07:16 AM

Re: [TwinView] color problems on 2nd screen (TV)
please post your XF86Config file

djoole 05-06-04 11:38 AM

Re: [TwinView] color problems on 2nd screen (TV)
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Ok, here it is, thanks for helping.

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