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griesbac 05-03-04 03:47 PM

Nvidia 5336 + linux 2.6.5 + vmware 4.5
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I'm currently running linux kernel 2.6.5 with the nvidia X drivers in twinmode "DFP,DFP" and everything works great... except when I try to start a virtual client in vmware workstation 4.5.

I get an error stating: ASSERT F(767):985 bugNr=3965
Checking the logs, this seems to correspond to:
SVGA: Bad SetMode: 0x1068000 > 0x1000000 bpl 14336, height 200, offset 0, newsize 17203200

I've attached the log file for anyone who is interested.

Replacing the nvidia X driver with the standard nv driver seems to fix the issue, but, of course, I cannot use both of my displays.

Is anyone else using the nvidia 5336 driver with vmware workstation 4.5? Any hints?


griesbac 05-04-04 02:46 PM

Re: Nvidia 5336 + linux 2.6.5 + vmware 4.5
In case anybody is interested, I managed to fix this by adding the following line to /etc/vmware/config:

xinfo.noDGA = "TRUE"

griesbac 08-27-04 12:17 PM

Re: Nvidia 5336 + linux 2.6.5 + vmware 4.5
This config line does not seem to be necessary anymore with the latest VMWare and Nvidia driver builds.

However, running VMWare full-screen with twinview (Quadro) on a linux host still does not appear to work. When I try to go full-screen, I get:

Unable to turn on direct graphics.
Failed to switch to full-screen SVGA mode.

I suspect DGA isn't supported with twinview. Any ideas?

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